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The 2k Community has grown and with that the game mode Pro Am has taken off thanks in part to the 2k League. Many members in the 2k community strive to be apart of this amazing opportunity. With the draft showing and proving that many of the players came from playing in the MPBA, WR, and top ranked teams in the world.

With Pro Am being critical on having a great starting 5 as well as the perfect blend of archetypes in order to win. We at Showcase 2k knows the frustration at prospecting out to find new teammates. Putting posts on twitter, Xbox One, and Play Station 4 hoping to find the perfect teammate.

Prospect after prospect joins and leaves with no accountability for what they are doing to your team and many others. Often lying about there archetype and overall hurting your chances of winning.

This is what Showcase 2k is founded on, we want to put the power in the team and the free agent. We want to build a space where teams can have a fully listed out prospect list to find that perfect player. The list will provide a full outline of the players overall, archetype, position, height, weight, and system they play on. We want to take the guessing game out of what type of player will be joining your team.

Holding players and teams accountable is important to us. We feel that many free agents and teams have benefited from being able to treat there new teammates disrespectfully and leave without being able to be held accountable for there actions. We want to ensure that these players and even teams understand that behavior is unacceptable. All of our free agents and teams have links to many of there social media profiles in order to hold them all at a high standard.

We want to Raise The Bar in the 2k Community. Everything from player interactions to games played. We are building a community of dedicate, marketable players and teams.

Thank you to everyone who is participating!

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