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                                   Showcase Scout Tournament Guidelines

  • All rules and information contained are subject to change.

Scout Tournament Goals and Perks

  • Showcase 2k wants to give the chance to market new players and teams in the community.
  • Goals of the Showcase 2k 
  • Promote, Create Scouting , Player, and Team Reports to share with the community and 2k League.
  • Give players high intensity Tournament Experience in order to adapt to the pressure and expectations of a professional player.
  • Create Marketable teams and players by monitoring posts and media on pages. Helping to create and assist in creation of more professional appearance on social media.
  • Interviews, and other types of media will be apart of the process. All players will be required to participate in all forms of media.
  • Keep track of all stats and player milestone and progressions throughout the process to show if a player is progressing or regressing.

Scout Tournament Teams

  • These teams will be built by a captain that will be a first come first serve selection. First 16 Teams will be in the tournament.
  • The Captain will serve as the team owner and player of that team.
  • New players will not be allowed to run on team courts unless listed on the roster. 1st time offense will be a warning, Second time offense will be removal of team Captain and new captain will be found or selected.
  • Roster sizes can be 5 to 10 players. All players must be registered in Showcase 2k database.
  • Private Matchmaking will be used
  • Tournament will be single elimination best of 3
  • Semi Finals will be best of 3.
  • Championship will be best of 3.

Entry fee and Rules Cont.

  • All fees are subject to change and are non refundable.
  • Teams must pay $10 per player for all starters. Built teams may have up to 10 roster spots.
  • Semi Finals the roster will lock, and teams will have to pay $10 for adding players beyond that point.
  • Any further offense or non paid player keeps playing the team will be removed.

Tournament Set up and Payout

  • Tournament rules will be listed under Showcase Tournament Rules
  • Tournaments will be ran every month. At least 8 teams will be playing.
  • Payout will be 200 (8 teams) to Winner. Payout will vary with number of teams. All starters will have access to a scouting report. Scouting reports take up to 3 hours each report and take a lot of time to create. If you do not like the payout then do not sign up. We have to pay for each formatted report and the time it takes to make them (DM @SC2KSC on Twitter for info)
  • Players in the tournament will have to message @Showcase2k to gain access to their reports.

Scouting Report Preview & Media Posting and Tracking

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