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 Championship Team

  1.  As the Tournament grows SC2K will reach out to the winning team of the tournament and offer to sign them to one of our franchise teams- See SC2K League
  2. If the team agrees they will be given SC2K designed in game apparel to wear for the tournament and will be allowed free entry into the following tournament
  3. SC2K will market the 3 players and challenge all the best park teams to come dethrone our champions.
  4. Each tournament a champion will be removed and a new one to take their place if they lose.

Tournament Rules

  1.  Teams are allowed 3 roster spots in the Park Tournament
  2. Any teams caught playing with non registered players will be disqualified.
  3. Any use of glitches or manipulating the bracket will result in immediate disqualification
  4. Players can use any player under the same account. Players who switch accounts to run will be disqualified.
  5. All 3 players must wear the exact same gear.
  6. All rounds will be Best of 3 to move on to the next bracket.
  7. Semi Finals will be Best of 5
  8. Championship Game will be Best of 7
  9. All games must be streamed by a player on the team and messaged to @SC2KPT on Twitter, or in Discord.
  10. All games must have a screenshot taken of the scorecard and sent to @SC2KPT on Twitter, or in Discord.

Ranking System

  1.  All Teams and players will have a rank in the overall games played
  2. There will be a ranking for Points, Assists, Rebounds, Steals, Blocks, FG%, and 3PT%
  3. We will keep a running record of your team in our system
  4. We will be doing special payouts to people who break records set by players (All Records Broken will be under video review for manipulation)
  5. Teams will be seeded once they run a full tournament.
  6. All Ranking will be updated on the website and posted to twitter.


  1. Each player will have to pay a player fee of $10 per player to Cashapp- $SC2K (For PayPal and any other pay service message @SC2KPT)
  2. This fee will go into the organization, the website, and prizes for players.
  3. DM @SC2KPT for any more info on payments


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