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SC2K League GM Info

  • Franchise front office members (GM, scout, coach, etc.) are not allowed to participate in SC2K games. You may fill in for practice and can participate with your team in other events.
  • The GM may add support staff including head coaches, assistant coaches, scouts, content creators, etc.The GM’s role may be handed to a staff member as seen fit. If the GM would like to fill all roles themselves, they are welcome to but high levels of activity are required to stay in the league.
  • The GM will own and maintain a franchise Twitter account. You are expected to be interactive on Twitter. We will not interfere with the operation of your personal team Twitter.
  • The GM is expected to host open gyms prior to the combine (two per week minimum). You should award a spot in the open gym on a first come first served basis. You should not have the same guys in your open gym every time. There will be an open gym discord chat. This will allow you to rank up a court for your team as well as get some early scouting done.
  • The GM is expected to extensively scout combine games.
  • The GM is expected to scout open gyms as much as possible.
  • The GM will be expected to draft a team (8 players) that match based on skill, archetype, personality, and schedule.
  • The GM (or a designated staff member) must be present for all regular season and post-season games.
  • The GM may drop players from the roster and pick up free agents. However, the GM may NOT make trades. If you drop a player, they may not be picked up by another team and it must be due to inactivity.
  • All roster adds/drops must be approved by the commissioner.
  • Portion of the prize fund will be awarded to GM’s for winning the championship.
  • The GM is responsible for ensuring the franchise’s jerseys and courts look presentable and sharp. The court must include the SC2K logo. The GM will be given some freedom, but the commissioner may request changes be made at their discretion.
  • Pay $20 GM Application Fee

SC2K League Prospect Info

  • Pay $20 application fee and fill out the player’s application
  • NO REFUNDS will be issued. Being drafted is not guaranteed.
  • Play open gyms to help get noticed by general managers.
  • Open gyms are likely to increase your chances of getting drafted. However, They are mandatory to play in.
  • Ensure all open gyms and combine games are streamed and archived by someone on your team; and that those streams are posted on Twitter.
  • Combine: The combine is MANDATORY.
  • Submit your combine games to the @Showcase2k direct inbox.
  • There will be a 8 round snake draft. If you are drafted by a team, report to that team.
  • You must play for the team you are drafted by, or you won’t play. NO TRADES will be allowed.
  • If you go inactive, a general manager will have the option to utilize a paid and registered free agent to replace you. If you get dropped for inactivity you will not be allowed to be picked up.
  • There will be a playoffs to determine the Champion.
  • If your team wins prize money, you will be awarded prize money based on the number of games played and how active you are. So being active is recommended.


  • There will be a 8 round draft
  • Each Team will have 8 players drafted per team
  • 5 starters and 3 bench players
  • Draft will be live
  • Teams can pick positions based on their own order of importance
  • At the end of the season the GM and Coach can keep up to 2 players
  • If the team keeps 2 players they forfeit there 8th and 7th round draft Picks.
  • If the team chooses to not keep any players they will be gifted a 7th and 8th Round Draft Picks
  • If an expansion team is added the same principles apply. All teams will get to keep 2 players at the end of the season. The players that are released and the expansion team will be able to select up to 2 players from the release list. Once the players are chosen or not the left over players will be put into the upcoming prospect list.


  • 12 teams xbox
  • 12 teams PS4
  • 2 conferences
  • 4 Divisions
  • East will have 6 teams West will have 6 teams
  • Teams will play 4 in conference games and 2 out of conference games
  • Total of 20 regular season games
  • Top team in each division make the playoffs (Best conference record)
  • 4 weeks for regular season
  • 1 week Break
  • 2 Weeks Registration/ Scouting Open Gyms.


  • 5 games minimum per week
  • Games can all be played in the same day
  • All games must be streamed
  • Scorecards must be DMed to @Showcase2k
  • There will be a game limit for players in order for bench players to play. May be something like 15 games for starters and 5 games for bench players to allow bench players to play (Subject to Change)
  • Players can use any player under the same Gamertag/PSN
  • If a GM deems a player inactive they will be removed from the team and cannot be picked up by any team that season
  • If a player is removed due to being inactive the team must promote a bench player to the starting role for 3 games and assign a free agent to 6th or 7th man, After 3 games the free agent can be put in a starting role.


  • MVP
  • Defensive Player of the year
  • Scoring Champion
  • 1st All SC2K Team
  • 1st All Defensive Team
  • 6th man of the year
  • Coach of the year
  • GM of the year

Matching Up And Rules

  • Private Matchmaking
  • You must play on the court with your registered team name and logos.
  • If a player lags out before tip off it is an automatic restart. Quit the game and contact the opposing team to match up again. If a lag out occurs after tip off and in the first quarter, the two captains must come together and agree on a rematch. Admins will not step in to force teams to restart games unless a lag out happens before tip off.
  • Quitting games because one player lags out after the 1st quarter without contacting the other team will count as a loss. Finish the game.
  • Quitting games because your team is losing is bad sportsmanship. If this occurs, your team is subject to removal from the tournament without a refund.
  • If the roster used during that game is not a tournament roster it will be subject to a forfeit.
  • All games must be streamed on the registered Twitch account(s). All games must be archived in case admins have to review video.
  • Every team must have a representative for their team in the tournament Captain Chat. The Captain Chat will be on Twitter.
  • 1st violation of above rules will result in a forfeit. The 2nd violation will result in removal from the tournament NO REFUND will be given.
Stat Collection Information
  • After every game the winning team will submit the box score with the game results. Only one screenshot is needed from the winner which must include the stats for both teams.
  • We will only accept high quality images from PSN/Xbox. We will not accept blurry images or pics of your tv screen displaying the stats. Our stats team need to easily see the stats on the box score.
  • Box score must be submitted by posting on Twitter and mentioning @Showcase2k.
  • Box scores for each game will be accepted from 12PM EST until 3AM EST. If a game is played please submit the end results immediately after the game. If a game is played that day the box score must be submitted that day.
  • Stats will be done by a member of the admin team between 12PM EST until 3AM EST.
  • If a Win/Loss has been awarded to the wrong team then the team captain will contact an admin member with screenshot proof showing the game results. The admin member will make changes accordingly.
  • If stats for a game have been entered wrong then the team captain will contact an admin member with screenshot proof showing the stats. The admin member will make changes accordingly.
  • We will be running Advanced Statistics on champonship games. These games will need to be archived in order to watch and record statistics. More information on Advanced Statistics will be available.

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